Sex in Assassin’s Creed 2

BioWare, Quantic Dream, many studios now include sex and erotic sequences within their games. A recurring element is also done in the film, but it is still more compared against when it comes to big video game productions. And sex, there will be also in Assassin’s Creed 2. Benoit Lambert described Ezio, the game’s hero, as a “Womanizer”. “There’s a little sex in the game, but I can not say more” Lambert added. You have been warned. Small selection of information to remember:

  • There will be no fighting in the water by cons, it will be possible to move by the enemies overboard while on a boat.
  • We can not choose its level of difficulty.
  • It will be immobile for shooting with the gun in the game, aiming takes some time.
  • Exit 350 collectible flags, by cons, 101 birds will be dispersed in the cities. Improvements will be unlocked when you have collected 70 to 100%.
  • There will be 20 pieces of armor available in the game and all-around 30 weapons as well.
  • The stores will also open at night.
  • Eizo is a womanizer, there will be “a little sex” in the game, without elaborating.


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