BackupAssist Presents Complete Hyper-V Backup Solution at SMB Nation in Las Vegas

How do you best backup a Hyper-V server?’ That’s the single question that’s been striking fear and panic into even the most experienced IT pros. But thanks to a new and surprisingly elegant Hyper-V backup solution from BackupAssist, all the fear and uncertainties are a thing of the past. And Linus Chang, Lead Developer of BackupAssist will be appearing at SMB Nation’s Fall 2009 Conference in Las Vegas to reveal this new solution, live.

In a possible world first, renowned Australian software entrepreneur and backup strategist, Linus Chang, will reveal how easy it can be to perform Hyper-V backup for unlimited hosts and guests, as well as achieve granular restores, without needing to purchase complicated or expensive agents or needing a PhD in computer science. And in typical BackupAssist style, this solution will slash thousands off the average SMB’s total backup and recovery bill.

‘The issue of Hyper-V backup has been particularly sticky. The major competitor’s solution starts from about $5000, which is so far out of the budget of the average SMB, it has been a major stumbling block for SMBs to adopt virtualization technology. It’s taken us nearly a year to design and produce our own solution, but with a total price tag of well under $800 and well thought-out recovery procedures, we know it’ll be a hit!’

BackupAssist has been a pioneer in the SMB backup software industry, providing simple and straightforward solutions to complex problems. Since its creation in 2001, BackupAssist has taken the market by storm, going from zero to backing up over 50,000 servers in 91 countries in a very short period of time.

‘The reason we’ve been so successful is because we do something other software suppliers don’t.’ says Linus, ‘We ask our customers what they want. We also ask our customers to test our products in real business environments. It gives us an edge because it means our product is inexpensive, simple and really works for SMBs – the big software companies are just too far removed to understand the problems SMBs encounter day to day’ he adds.

Linus will personally presenting this new solution at the Sponsor Presentation Room 111 at 4:40pm on October 3. ‘It’s only a short overview to outline my Hyper-V backup solution’ Linus says modestly, ‘I’ll be manning the BackupAssist stand myself every day during the event, so I can give advice and help people having trouble with Hyper-V backups, one-on-one.’

‘But all I’m prepared to say about our new Hyper-V backup product right now is: it’s an elegant solution that includes a one-pass backup enabling you to recover data from failures on the host, guests or files and databases on the guests. People having Hyper-V backup problems will know what I’m talking about.’ he says mysteriously. ‘If you want to find out more, you’ll have to be at SMB Nation in Las Vegas. Or wait for the general news press release about the product in October.’


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