Lenovo Lost & Found make easy to get stolen or lost ThinkPad Laptops

Lenovo (HKSE: 0992) today announced Lenovo Lost & Found, a new service that makes it easy for anyone who finds a lost ThinkPad laptop to return it to its owner. Lost & Found is available exclusively on ThinkPad laptops enabled with Absolute® Software’s Computrace® for Lenovo at no additional charge.

The Lost & Found service of Computrace for Lenovo combines software and security tools from Lenovo and Absolute Software with additional alerts that make it easy to return missing PCs to their registered owners. Considering that a lost laptop can cost a company almost $50,000 on average in data breaches, lost data, lost productivity and legal and regulatory expenses, not to mention replacing the laptop itself, the ability to securely retrieve a lost laptop could help businesses save millions in the long run.

“Lenovo Lost & Found gives the Good Samaritans who find a lost ThinkPad laptop a free and simple way to return a ThinkPad laptop to its rightful owner,” said Peter Schrady, vice president and general manager of Software, Peripherals and Enterprise Products, Lenovo.  “In an incredibly fast-paced, mobile work environment accidents happen, and this service can provide added peace of mind for owners who misplace their laptops. At the same time, Lenovo makes it easy for people to do the right thing.”

"Through the collaboration of Absolute and Lenovo, our customers can feel safe knowing that their data is secure while Lenovo works with the finder on their behalf to get their ThinkPad laptop safely back in their hands," said Rich Cohen, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Absolute Software. "This new service combined with our industry-unique Theft Recovery Team protects ThinkPad customers from both accidental loss and the theft of their computers.”

Back to Business in a Few Easy Steps
Lenovo Lost & Found provides a simple, five-step process for lost ThinkPad laptops to be identified and returned to their owners.

  1. If the PC is lost, the owner can flag it with Absolute to have the PC automatically lock if turned on. If it’s turned on, the screen can display a message indicating the laptop is lost and will provide a toll-free number to return the laptop. Alternatively, anyone who finds a ThinkPad laptop can call the toll-free number for Lenovo found on a sticker on the outside of the laptop.
  2. Lenovo receives the call, confirms the registration of the laptop for Lost & Found and sends a pre-paid shipping box to the finder
  3. The finder sends the ThinkPad laptop to Lenovo
  4. Lenovo ships the laptop to the owner
  5. The owner unlocks the ThinkPad through Absolute once the PC is returned to him

Customers purchasing ThinkPad laptops can select one of several Computrace for Lenovo security solutions. Select versions of Computrace for Lenovo, which is embedded in the BIOS on ThinkPad laptops, makes it possible to track and recover a stolen PC. The new Lost & Found service takes the Absolute Software offering one step further by providing an easy way for anyone who finds a ThinkPad to return it to its owner.

Pricing and Availability

The Lenovo Lost & Found service will be available in the U.S., starting in October. Lost & Found is available at no additional cost to customers who purchase a ThinkPad laptop and Absolute Software’s Computrace for Lenovo from www.lenovo.com, Lenovo sales representatives and Lenovo business partners. Existing ThinkPad laptop customers who have Computrace installed will automatically receive Lost & Found capabilities including device locking capabilities and on-screen messaging later in October.

Customers will be able to identify Lenovo products that extend the benefits of Windows 7 through a special Lenovo Enhanced Experience certification sticker affixed to the products. To find out more about Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience for business and consumers, please visit www.lenovo.com/win7ee.


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