Asrock intros dual Pentium 4 board

ASROCK IS NOT SUBTLE. It came out with the dual 754/939 board at Computex, and that made a lot of people sit up as say “What, who, where did they come from?” If you want headlines, Asrock sure had a good product to grab them with.

News source: Inquirer What do you follow up something like that with? What will make jaded hacks sit up and say ‘Wow’? Enter the Pentium 4 Combo. If you didn’t guess already, it is the same idea, two sockets on a P4 board. Imagine you have a 478 P4 and are thinking about moving to an LGA775 in the not to distant future, like when they become available at high speeds, this is the board for you.

In addition to both sockets, it has an Intel 848P chipset, DDR400, SATA, 5.1 channel 3D sound and overclocking functionality built in. The interesting thing is that they are not using the i915/925 chipsets, so you don’t run into any OC locking problems . This board should show off what the new P4 are really capable of.

At the very least, this looks like a damn interesting board. Asrock should be commended for making a board that is vastly different from everyone else out there, and provides a sensible upgrade path for people. Good job guys.

SIS shows off 754-939 pin motherboard


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