QOOQ a touchpad for the modern kitchen

The puzzle of the daily household of the twenty-first century is still the problem, what to do to eat well so here comes to the rescue of these twenty-first century women with the 1st touch pad entirely dedicated to cooking, QOOQ

 QOOQ offers culinary content (recipes, techniques, form ingredients, utensils, wine …) in all forms (text, videos, photos …). This object provides an unprecedented culinary expertise premium simplifies the kitchen daily and supports the user in a personalized way. Easy to use, QOOQ has an intelligent tool following step by step the behavior of each user according to tastes.

 An intelligent object inside the kitchen
Very good design QOOQ fits perfectly in the kitchen. It is the first touchscreen 10 inches launched on the market. Consisting of a mineral touch pad, it offers a nice feeling and ease of use can withstand the environment kitchen splatter, projections.

A true calling QOOQ has a WiFi connection. It is also equipped with an SD card reader, a USB port, a Bluetooth connection and an Ethernet port. Its easy interface allows easy navigation between menus. Multiple entries are possible to facilitate the search by type of dish, ingredient, theme, Chef …

An unpublished premium content
2500 interactive revenue which more than 500 videos are available at the launch of the touch pad. Home cooking or gourmet, simple or refined QOOQ offers cooking skills that

New recipes will be available every month with the possibility for users to add their own recipes.

True innovation goes further in the wealth of content offered with a range of interactive services dedicated. The meal planner allows you to plan menus for future meals each day or a special occasion. The service My courses can hold its shopping list from a planning or directly from a recipe

QOOQ also offers a genuine Guide through detailed files on the ingredients and utensils, the advice and culinary techniques explained in video. Every month, QOOQ propose a magazine developed from original reporting on trends, personalities, places, products culinary moment.

With QOOQ, it is now easy to make various dishes yourself or learn at their own pace while sharing a pleasant evening with family or friends


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