Acer smartphones beTouch and NewTouch under WM6.5

Acer has introduced a new series of smartphones that take advantage of advanced Windows Mobile 6.5 and offers a full and rich a dozen terminals, waiting for mobile devices running Android.

While the kickoff the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 will be given October 6, Taiwan’s Acer Group takes a small lead by unveiling its 4 new smartphones equipped with the mobile platform from Microsoft.

Already seen as empty shells in February, the terminals have swapped their code name for trade names: beTouch for models E100 / E101 and E200, newTouch for the smartphone screen with F1 Acer 3.8 "WVGA and under Qualcomm Snapdragon 1 GHz.

This is to bring the public to smartphones Popos products easy to use and adapted to current use of access to social networks and messaging, without neglecting the media and at affordable prices.


The aim is to expand the use of smartphone in the enterprise, where it remains available to executives and sales people, by coupling an offer powerful smartphone with aggressive price cut services for businesses provided by the operators mobile.

Smartphones beTouch Acer E100 (3G) / E101 (EDGE), E200 and Acer newTouch are positioned on these different niches, with the provision of additional elements provided directly by Acer for optimal ergonomics.


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