Artistic themes for Google Chrome

Having introduced the first graphical themes to its Chrome browser in August, Google has released a special series designed by different artists. Google had also established a similar section for its personalized homepage The 95 new themes proposed are generally very colorful. Among them we find some brands like Porsche, Dolce & Gabbana or American Apparel. Several artists also benefit to offer an overview of their works.

Recall that these issues were precisely the heart of a controversy between the firm in Mountain View and designers contacted for floor on them. Indeed, the New York Times reported in June that Google had asked several illustrators as Gary Taxali (Newsweek, Fortune) and Joe Ciardiello (New York Time) to participate in this project as volunteers, a query rather resented in the arts community.

This initiative aims to democratize the use of Google Chrome to the general public. Note that if these topics use a nice background image, it often affects the usability of the browser.


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