IBM Brings Lotus Notes and Domino Software to Full Spectrum of Web Devices

IBM today announced
a major extension of Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration software for the full
spectrum of proliferating mobile and Web-connected devices such as the Apple
iPhone, Nokia smartphones, thin clients, laptops and desktops used to access
corporate applications and business processes. To spur broader growth of
Lotus Notes and Domino applications for the increasingly diverse range of
devices in corporate use, for the first time, IBM will make Lotus Domino
Designer tools available at no charge.

Lotus Domino 8.5.1 is the first version to natively support the iPhone via
Lotus Notes Traveler software. This extends Lotus Domino automatic synching for
e-mail, contacts and calendar data to the iPhone, helping address the growing
user demand to access Notes and Domino collaboration software on the road. In
fact, the IBM Institute for Business Value predicts two billion mobile Web users
in the next decade, and a significant shift in the way the majority of people
will interact with the Web.

The new features, which include push e-mail, contacts, and calendar, enable
iPhone users to work off-line, while allowing confidential data to be erased
remotely if an iPhone is lost or stolen. iPhone users can also take advantage of
a corporate directory look-up feature which helps them find contact information
behind their company firewall.

Updates for the Nokia Symbian platform include remote wipe, device lock,
password management and external calendar integration. The IBM software provides
all of these capabilities for Windows Mobile devices as well. With the iPhone,
Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile devices, and support for Research In Motion
(RIM) BlackBerry, Lotus Notes and Domino now supports the vast majority of
smartphones in the world.

"We are accelerating the delivery of millions of existing Lotus Domino
applications to mobile users, and promoting the creation of a variety of new
ones to help people work smarter on the go," said Kevin Cavanaugh, vice
president, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM. "No charge Domino Designer will
make it easier for organizations to adopt, acquire and manage IBM Lotus Notes
and Domino software, and proliferate the development of powerful, new business
apps for Lotus Notes and Domino."

Several hundred organizations globally have tested the new version of
Lotus Notes during the past few months.

"Lotus Notes 8.5.1 is way more than ‘just email.’ It is an amazing piece of
software. It helps facilitate a much more integrated work environment and allows
our teams to share information wherever they are. During our recent response to
H1N1 Influenza, we found having all of our collaboration tools integrated into
one application enables our teams to work more effectively and cohesively. Lotus
Notes 8.5.1 helps us work together in real time, enabling our employees to
connect quicker and solve problems more effectively," said Tim Lorge, Software
Architect, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services.

"We are excited about the release of Lotus Notes 8.5.1, which we’re planning
to roll out to help improve communications among corporate and retail
personnel," said Dale Sinstead, Director, I.T., Pioneer Petroleums
(, Ontario’s largest independent gasoline retailer, which was
recently honored for conservation work.

"Prudential UK beta tested this new Lotus Notes and Traveler software; it was
quick and easy to download and use on the iPhone," said Neil Davis, Messaging
Specialist, Prudential U.K. (, a life insurance and pensions
provider with nearly seven million customers.

In addition, Lotus Notes Traveler software is also supported by numerous
device manufacturers, including Nokia and Samsung. The software also works with
carriers such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint.

No Charge Option for Domino Designer Software to Unleash Development of
New Business Applications

Domino Designer enables Web developers, students, business analysts and other
developers to quickly learn to build and extend existing applications for Notes
and Domino. Beginning with version 8.5.1, the software development community can
download IBM Lotus Domino Designer via IBM’s developerWorks software Web site,

"Domino Designer 8.5.1 and tools like XPages will make it much simpler and
faster for us to create Notes applications," said David Leedy, New Penn Motor
Express. A popular Domino Web application development tool, XPages allows IT
professionals to create Web 2.0 and a variety of user experiences within their
existing applications.

IBM is changing the way it licenses Lotus Domino client software. Users will
now be licensed for functional needs rather than client types, with two simple
access licenses replacing what were formerly 11 software products.

Domino Designer can help Web developers, students, business analysts and
others to quickly develop and use business or productivity applications. These
applications can operate within Lotus Domino applications, a browser on a
desktop or on a smartphone, as well as directly within the IBM Lotus Notes
client. This allows employees to access business information obtained through
Notes and Domino, without needing additional software. New developers can join
with the existing Lotus application community through, an open
source organization focused on Lotus Notes and Domino.

"Designer 8.5.1 assists developers in building ubiquitous Web, Notes and
mobile access to Domino applications," said Bruce Elgort, Elguji Software. "The
new XPages capability allowed me to quickly extend the IdeaJam application out
to the Apple iPhone."

IBM Lotus Domino Designer software is based on the Eclipse platform to
provide a productive experience for a wide range of business applications.
Developers gain a readily-available skill set to support any application
strategy. Developers new to Lotus Notes and Domino development can enjoy the
familiar look and feel of the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment

"The new Domino Designer brings many welcome changes that help us develop
software at a more efficient pace," said Corey Davis, founder of IBM Business
Partner Conxsys.

"I like that Domino is an open environment based on Eclipse. Offering IBM
Designer software for free will help my company help people work better
together," Kjetil Andenas, development executive, Symfoni Software, an IBM
Business Partner.

developerWorks is an IBM Web site for software developers and IT
professionals. It contains how-to articles and tutorials, code samples and
software downloads, podcasts, blogs, wikis, discussion forums and other
resources. Subjects covered include open, industry-standard technologies such as
Ajax, Linux, service oriented architecture, Java, Web services and development,
XML and IBM’s software and services products. Launched in 1999, developerWorks
serves several million registered users.

More than half of the largest global 100 corporations use IBM’s flagship
collaboration offerings, Lotus Notes and Domino. They include the top nine
aerospace and defense organizations; the top nine automotive firms; the top
eight banks; the top four makers of consumer products; the top seven electronics
firms; the top eight insurance companies; the top seven pharmaceutical
organizations; and the top nine telecommunications carriers.

IBM also offers hosting services for Lotus Notes Traveler through its Mobile
Enterprise Services. For more information on other new Lotus offerings announced
today, including new packaging and pricing for IBM Domino Designer 8.5.1, visit


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