HTC HD2 new highend Windows Mobile device

 While Microsoft has formalized Windows Mobile 6.5, HTC took the opportunity to announce its latest high-end model: the HD2 HTC smartphone has a very large display multipoint.


The HD2 is a HTC device that is equipped with top of the line hardware. Thus there is a 1GHz Snapdragon-processor. That processor must ensure that Windows Mobile 6.5 and HTC Sense-driven interface quickly and that also seemed to succeed. Responded very quickly because the device. The touchscreen is capacitive, meaning it works with heat. Normally Windows Mobile devices are always fitted with a resistive screen, because only Windows Mobile 6.5 supports capacitive screens. In addition the unit has 448 MB of RAM, more than the usual 256 MB So.

The device has a WVGA screen of 4.3" is very large for a phone. The device is in fact equipped with the largest screen that Windows Mobile can handle them. The device has no physical QWERTY keyboard and thus uses the screen to a QWERTY keyboard to offer.

The TouchFlo interface in this device is based on HTC Sense. HTC itself speaks of "the first Windows Mobile device with Sense-support." Yet this seems not entirely true, because the interface on Android HTC Sense nevertheless different. In addition, HTC Peep, a Twitter client, but again put on and provides the interface that Sense like features.

"The HTC HD2 combines the best of two worlds the flexibility of HTC Sense and the power of the Windows Mobile platform" said Mark Moons, Regional Director Benelux HTC. "The Sense interface HTC has developed the belief that good things do not require explanation, but must be experienced. Users will also notice that the HTC HD2 one of the most advanced Windows Mobile devices is that we have introduced so far." The HTC HD2 comes out late October, for a price of six hundred euro. At
least that is the retail, including VAT, excluding subscription.




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