Electronic Arts is working on Jack the Ripper!

After Dante’s Inferno, the U.S. publisher is preparing to revisit the story with Jack the Ripper.

Visceral Games Logo

The most notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper, has almost become a myth across the Channel, that will be the focused as a new project from the talented developers Visceral Games, to whom we owe the excellent games called Dead Space and Dead Space Extraction, and currently promising Dante’s Inferno and the highly anticipated Dead Space 2. The third project is currently very puzzling, since no official announcement has yet been made. We can still trust our colleagues from LA Times and this trademark filing made a few days ago by Electronic Arts, which owns the studio in California. As for Dante’s Inferno, one can expect a free interpretation from the U.S., which may in any case completely give free rein to their fantasies, the killer has never been arrested. They spit in advance.


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