New Trojan targets PDAs

Three weeks after the 29A virus group launched Duts, the first proof-of-concept virus for personal digital assistants (PDAs) running PocketPC, a new Trojan horse is targeting the handheld devices, according to Russian-based Kaspersky Labs.

WinCE.Brador-A was probably written by a Russian virus coder, said Eugene Kaspersky, head of antivirus research at Kaspersky Labs. The Trojan was attached to an e-mail with a Russian sender and Russian text inside. The author was offering to sell the client part of the Trojan to all interested parties, which means there’s a real chance the backdoor will be bought by somebody who will use it commercially. It comes with the following text: “Get to work, folks, the PocketPC market will soon explode.”

“We were certain that a functional malicious program for PDAs would appear soon after the first proof-of-concept viruses emerged for mobile phones and Windows Mobile,” Kaspersky said in a statement. “WinCE.Brador-A is a full-scale malicious program ready to go. Unlike proof-of-concept malware, Brador has a complete set of destructive functions typical for backdoors. Moreover, the offer to sell the client part proves that today, virus writing is big business.”

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