New controversy of Open source vs Free Software

Despite its various efforts on the scene of open source, Microsoft is strongly criticized by ardent defenders of free software. Thus in September, Jim Zemlin, director of the Linux Foundation, said on its official blog posting a position clearly hostile to the Redmond company. He stated as well that "it is time that Microsoft stop attacking Linux  secretly while publicly proclaiming interoperability. A few days later, the Steve Ballmer firm opened its open source foundation This time, Richard Stallman, who spoke.

Microsoft opened its foundation open source last month. This differs from other groups by taking into account deposits licensing and intellectual property needs of commercial publishers. Father of the GNU Project and chairman of the Free Software Foundation, Mr. Stallman criticized the fact that Microsoft uses the term "open source" (software whose code is open) instead of Free Software (OSS), which highlights the philosophy the Free Software Foundation as "freedom and social solidarity."

Richard Stallman also noted Miguel de Icaza in accusing him of making the praises of Microsoft, especially because he sits on the Board of Miguel de Icaza is known for having developed the GNOME desktop environment and participated in several projects with Novell Moonlight particular, to increase the Silverlight plugin on Linux or Mono, an environment compatible with Linux technology. NET allows and applications programmed in C#.

Miguel de Icaza has responded to Mr. Stallman, which further inflames the debate. He explains that "we all want to see the triumph of free software. However, rather than opening new opportunities to promote his ideas, Richard attacks its own allies because they are not clones of himself. In that regard, statements such as Linus does not believe in freedom have become commonplace.

The  Codeplex foundation will therefore prove himself in the world of Open Source and probably will never support the Free Software Foundation; this can be an endless debate they say .. but The question is whether, for its part, Microsoft will convince developers to share their applications on Codeplex.Well then lets see what happens Next


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