SecureWorks Extends Defense of Web Applications with New Web Application Scanning Service

SecureWorks, a leading, global provider of security services protecting 2,600 clients worldwide, including four of the Fortune 10, is extending its defense of web applications with a new Web Application Scanning Service. Utilizing SecureWorks’ proprietary iScanner 4.0 technology, the new service further expands SecureWorks’ suite of Web Application Security services which includes Managed Web Application Firewall, Source Code Audit and Log Monitoring.

Web applications are pervasive in today’s IT environment as organizations rely on Web applications and Web 2.0 technologies to support their business processes and improve performance. As a result, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting web applications (online shopping carts, login pages, online forms, user ratings, and forums) and their inherent security flaws as a primary point of entry to hijack valuable corporate and customer data.

SecureWorks’ Web Application Scanning Service can be used by organizations to do regular scans of all of their web applications and supporting databases, so as to quickly identify top-line vulnerabilities, as well as emerging web application threats. Once vulnerabilities are discovered, web application policies can be updated by SecureWorks’ Web Application Firewall Service to detect or block attacks seeking to take advantage of these weaknesses.

Benefits of SecureWorks’ Web Application Scanning Service

    * Scanning for Database Vulnerabilities–The Web Application Scanning Service provides frequent scans of an organization’s underlying databases looking for security, configuration and operational vulnerabilities. Identifying these weaknesses is critical as hackers often launch attacks at supporting databases where sensitive data is stored.

    * Demonstration of Compliance–Using the Web Application Scanning Service, organizations can satisfy compliance requirements from HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC, NERC CIP and FISMA which mandate that organizations address threats and vulnerabilities in web applications to ensure that they are protected against known attacks.

    * Integration with Managed Web Application Firewall Service–Web application scanning results are used by the Managed Web Application Firewall Service to update firewall policies to block or detect attacks launched at the identified vulnerabilities.

    * Affordable and Easy to Use— The Web Application Scanning Service is affordable and is easy to use (requiring minimal configuration).

"Web applications continue to be one of the key targets of cyber attackers," said Corey Merchant, vice president of product management for SecureWorks. "Analyzing the attack data from 2,600 clients, SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit found that 80 percent of all attempted cyber attacks targeted our clients’ Web infrastructure. Having a proactive method of identifying and remediating web application vulnerabilities is critical when trying to protect an organization from today’s Internet threat, SecureWorks’ suite of Web Application Security services is making protection seamless and affordable," continued Merchant.

SecureWorks continues to practice its vendor neutral approach to security through the support of other market leading web application scanning technologies in addition to its new Web Application Scanning Service.


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