Sanyo Eneloop new high performance rechargeable batteries

It may seem slightly off topic as a topic in our heads. With the proliferation of wireless devices such as mice and keyboards, without considering the large number of cameras and camcorders, is even more intense recourse to the classic AA and AAA batteries, stylus and AAA, so to speak.

Many people for convenience and savings decided to use rechargeable batteries, easily available in any shop the supermarkets. The realization by the Sanyo Eneloop, a new type of rechargeable battery that takes a bit of innovation in a product sector is highly appreciated by the public but little treated.

The new Ni-MH promise for the preservation of a charge of 70% even after 3 years of inactivity, which is why they are sold already loaded. But if this is an interesting fact to a certain point, because usually you buy batteries for later use, it is more concrete information about the charge cycles guaranteed, rising to 1500 compared with 1000 battery benchmark.

The news, more than for the battery itself is encouraging because it demonstrates a growing interest alive by companies to achieve results as most significant in the batteries. A field that does not run with the speed that can be observed in the field of microprocessors, but that sometimes makes a few small step forward.


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