Microsoft launched Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft has launched this October 6 the new version of its Windows Mobile but also to its download portal for mobile applications for Windows Mobile Marketplace.

Regain the advantage in a market where sales have stagnated over the last two is the purpose of the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 with Microsoft’s strategic focus for the seduction of the public.

Ergonomics reworked, cloud services, portal application downloading Windows Marketplace, but also appearance of a multitude of terminals offered by a good half-dozen manufacturers, is a true cocktail is put forward and which should forget the backlog.

Steve Ballmer himself came to talk about Windows Mobile 6.5 at a press conference at the new Microsoft Campus of Issy-les-Moulineaux, which brings the work of society on the same site.

In putting forward the name Windows Phone, Microsoft hopes to reassure and perhaps win the sympathies of an audience dumbfounded by the proliferation of offerings, platforms and terminals at the end of the year.


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