Sprint to Offer Affordable and Easy Way to Break into Wireless Business

Sprint  is offering a turnkey back-office solution for companies
interested in selling post-paid wireless service under their own private
label. This move makes it easier than ever for CLECs, cable companies,
traditional telephone companies and other interested businesses to add
wireless to their portfolio – and place unique branding on the offering.
This new suite of services includes activation, provisioning and billing
support for post-paid wireless MVNOs and is especially well-timed
because of growing consumer reliance on mobile voice and data services.
Mobile broadband, GPS and text messaging are on the rise, making
wireless a lucrative strategic component for many communications

Key benefits of Sprint’s turnkey solution include cost-efficiency and
customization. Sprint’s integrated package of operations support systems
and standardized processes lowers the cost of entry, improves speed to
market, and simplifies setup and ongoing operations for companies
looking to jump into the wireless business.

By providing a solution that makes activation, provisioning, bill rating
and trouble-ticket reporting and resolution easier and more
cost-effective, Sprint expects to help enable more companies to overcome
historical barriers to market entry. Companies that sign on to Sprint’s
new solution will also have the flexibility to fully customize their
wireless offering – including determining pricing, marketing and sales
strategy, and distribution channels. This level of customization will
allow Sprint’s partners to better leverage their assets, tailor their
service offering to the customers they serve, and differentiate their
wireless products and service in a highly competitive market.

“We believe this will be a key element of success for our wholesale
wireless partners,” said Dan Dooley , president of Sprint Wholesale
Solutions. “There is no better time for small- to mid-sized companies to
grow their business by meeting the growing mobility needs of their
customers. The continued demand for wireless services, combined with the
need for these companies to grow, innovate and evolve – in spite of
today’s economy, makes Sprint’s new wholesale turnkey wireless offer

Sprint partners will also have access to marketing support and a broad
selection of cool and innovative devices, including some of the most
popular handsets on the market, mobile broadband cards, the Novatel
Wireless MiFi* 2200 intelligent mobile hotspot, and an award-winning
femtocell. Sprint’s wholesale wireless solutions operate on the nation’s
most dependable 3G network**.


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