Kama Stay – Extra cooling solution utilizes a PCI-Slot

Scythe presents the new product, Kama Stay (Model Nr.: SCKST-1000). A
simple very flexible product for mounting additional fans into an
unused PCI Slot. The set also includes a manually regulated 120 mm Slip
Stream Slim fan.

Kama Stay is a highly-adjustable cooling platform that can be
mounted onto an unused PCI Slot. Improved stability is granted by
screwing the frame to a case like a common PCI expansion card. Once
installed, Kama Stay allows you to mount all kinds of fans in many
different positions.
Even 140 mm fans can be used with this new accessory. Due to its high
flexibility, Kama Stay helps you to adapt and improve the existing
Airflow in your PC case.

Keeping your system cool is not the only task Kama Stay can
handle. Optionally, you can also mount up to three 2.5” HDDs or SSDs.
Just set the frame to the matching height and fix the drives with
screws. Supplied 120 mm Slip Stream Slim fan works in an
operating-speed range of 800 to 2,000 rpm. The fan speed can be
controlled by using the pre-attached potentiometer located in the PCI

Scythe Kama Stay is now available for EUR 12.25 (MSRP, excl. VAT) or US$ 19.00 (MSRP, excl. TAX.)


Modell name:
Kama Stay

Modell No.:
SCKST – 1000

Compatible Attachment:
(3x) 2.5“ HDD / SSD
Fan 80 ~ 140 mm

Slip Stream Slim 120 mm

Fan Speed:
800 (±30%) ~ 2.000 rpm (±10%)

19.40 ~ 45.75 CFM

Noise Level:
19.53 ~ 33.67 dBA

Bay Occupancy
1x PCI Slot

295 x 34 x 153 mm (15.55 x 1.34 x 6.02 in)

330 g (11.64 oz)

Accessory included:
Screw for Hard Disk Installation (8 pcs.), Screw for Fan Installation (10 pcs.)


Kama Stay Product Page www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/pc-accessory/kama-stay.html


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