Oracle and Sun Are Faster than IBM

Oracle and Sun SPARC SOLARIS World Record TPC-C Performance Beats IBM’s Best Results on DB2 with Power 595 Server

Oracle and Sun Publish First World Record TPC-C Benchmark using Flash Technology

  • Oracle announced a new world record TPC-C benchmark result for Oracle Database 11g
    running on Sun SPARC servers with CMT technology and the Sun Solaris
    Operating System . This result proves that the Oracle-Sun
    combination runs faster than IBM DB2 running on IBM’s flagship Power
  • The Oracle-Sun benchmark used
    an innovative combination of Sun’s fast CMT servers to power the
    database, along with Sun’s new flash technology to speed I/O.
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters allowed Sun and Oracle to scale
    performance on a 12-Node Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 cluster. Oracle
    Real Application Clusters is in production use at thousands of
    customers, enabling transparent scaling of real-world business
  • With this benchmark,
    Oracle and Sun become the first vendors to achieve world record TPC-C
    performance results using Flash Storage technology. Using the Sun™
    Storage F5100 Flash Array, Oracle and Sun were able to set the world
    record using eight times less hardware than IBM used for its largest
    benchmark .
  • The Oracle-Sun configuration consumed four times less energy than the IBM configuration even though it ran 26 percent faster.
  • The Oracle-Sun benchmark demonstrated 16 times better transaction response times than the IBM benchmark.
  • Oracle Database 11g running on the Solaris™ 10 Operating System achieved a record-breaking 7.7 million tpmC at $2.34/tpmC.
  • Oracle is now the TPC-C world record holder in both major categories – performance and price/performance.

  • “With this benchmark result, there’s no
    denying that Oracle Database 11g running on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440
    servers outperforms IBM and DB2,” said Juan Loaiza, senior vice
    president, Systems Technology, Oracle.
  • “No other vendor today is shipping fully-integrated flash-based
    hardware and software that leverages a world-class operating system –
    Solaris – to deliver these breakthrough world record performance
    results,” said John Fowler, executive vice-president, Systems Group,
    Sun Microsystems.





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