The Apple Store opened its forums

The Apple Store Anglophones have adopted a new service called Questions & Answers. It is materialized by an icon of a question mark added to the records of certain products. Macs are not yet)concerned, however hardware or software , like the Displays, the AirPort, keyboards, Office 2008, FileMaker, etc


You must have an Apple account to be allowed to ask or answer a question .A voting system can then distinguish some answers. So far the Apple Store adhered to let customers give their opinion or report on their experience on an article. Here there is an exchange, like a small forum.

A forum however framed. For all that is about technical problems, Apple invited to visit rather in its technical support forums. Then, as indicated by the terms of use the content of these questions and answers should not be used to report the prices charged by competitors or make comparisons with items missing from the shelves of the Apple Store …


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