Band Hero Details and Images Revealed

So far mainly shown on DS, Band Hero finally deigns to reveal to PS3 / Xbox 360.

More than discrete, while its output is yet set for early November in North America, Band Hero finally passes through the box "I’m talking about me." Activision and Red Octane are actually broadcasting the first real series of screenshots to illustrate their next music game. These images do not clearly tell us much, we do not yet know about this game decidedly is for wider audience than the episodes of the saga of Guitar Hero. The goal for Red Octane is actually touching the whole family and if the concept remains the same, the musical styles will be addressed in a much more varied way.

Band Hero is developed on DS, PS2, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. Its output should intervene on November 3rd in North America and three days later in Europe.


  • Join The Rock Star Party – With the addition of drums and vocals, Band Hero is set to take center stage as the ultimate on-the-go music experience. Utilizing an all new Drum Grip, the DS’ built in microphone and the popular Guitar Hero Guitar Grip players can strum, drum and wail with up to four family and friends in the most social full band handheld experience ever.
  • The Hottest Set List Around – Band Hero turns up the heat with a set list packed with songs from some of the hottest bands and artists in popular music, including Blink-182, Avril Lavigne, The Killers, KT Tunstall and Fall Out Boy. With 30 master tracks, the ability to create your own set list and play any song right from the start, Band Hero is set to deliver the most expansive music offering, comprised of the most fun-to-play music, for a handheld music game to date.
  • Appearances Are Everything – Players can get ready to design their rocker to reflect their own unique style with the new Rockstar Editor. As players join together with friends to play as a full band, their rockers will stand out with customizable outfits, accessories and themes.
  • Learn To Rock Like The Best – Whether players are brand new to Guitar Hero’s gameplay or seasoned veterans, Band Hero encourages players to try and rock out at harder difficulty levels thanks to the new No Fail mode Players can hone their skills while still able to complete the song no matter how they perform.
  • It’s All Part Of The Performance – In Band Hero, players can accelerate their gameplay even further by performing Stage Stunts, which are sporadic mini-games that can reward players with star power and a score multipliers or sets them back with a lowered rock meter and missed points depending on their success. Stage stunts also promote teamwork in co-op modes and can be used to slam opponents in multiplayer challenges.
  • Bring Home The Awards – To further enhance the overall non linear gameplay experience players can complete challenges such as accomplish a 100-note streaks or earn a gold star on guitar to unlock more than 200 different awards that will yield titles, cash, and parts to use in the Rockstar Editor.
  • Give The Fans What They Want! – When a player connects wirelessly from their Nintendo DS Lite to the Wii version of Band Hero, they will receive exclusive Fan Request challenges that will grant unique rewards.




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