Mitsubishi 155-inch OLED display

At the CEATEC in Tokyo, which closed its doors on October 10, Mitsubishi showed a working prototype of a particular OLED TV with a diagonal of 155 (one hundred fifty-five!) Inches.

Mitsubishi has achieved the TV using a set of blocks of 1.5-inch OLED display panels which means that the blocks can be added or removed to increase or reduce overall size of the screen.

The ability to use small independent blocks can also create screens, including large, non-canonical form. In particular, this technique is interesting in the eventual production of curved screens or able to adapt to the particular environment in which profilers will be installed.

The use of blocks of small OLED dimensoni also allows you to maintain the brightness and contrast ratio at all levels of respect, contrary to what happens with the production of large OLED screens in one piece.

However, there is a downside, the organic compounds used in OLED degrades over time and therefore the estimated average life of this device is 20 thousand hours of continuous use which translates into a life of just under 2 and a half years for a use of type 24:7.

Not yet know if the prototype can find the way of commercial production and if so at what price. It must however be acknowledged that the intuition of Mitsubishi could pave the way for new areas of use for monitors and televisions with high diagonal.


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