SAP and HP Help on Business Intelligence Benefits

In an effort to help customers solve complex business intelligence and data warehousing challenges,
SAP AG and HP announced an agreement through which the companies will integrate the
SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) component and the
HP Neoview
enterprise data warehouse platform. The extended relationship with the
addition of HP Neoview complements the complete lineup of HP
infrastructures and global consulting services for use with business
intelligence (BI) solutions from SAP. The announcement was made at SAP TechEd 2009, the company’s largest ecosystem education event, being held October 13-16 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Inadequate information hinders companies from making informed
business decisions while requiring them to spend a significant amount
of time, money and IT resources accessing data from multiple sources to
carry out analysis and reporting using a myriad of business
intelligence products. The integration of SAP NetWeaver BW and HP
Neoview is designed to address the challenges associated with the
continuous distribution and growth of data volumes while obtaining
increased returns on existing BI investments.

“Integrating BI into operational processes demands that analytical
systems be highly available and have near real-time data acquisition,”
said Henry Morris, senior vice president for Software and Services at
IDC. “The integration of HP Neoview with SAP NetWeaver Business
Warehouse, supported by HP’s portfolio of services and infrastructure
along with SAP’s business intelligence offerings, is designed to meet
these rigorous requirements.”

This integration will provide customers with the flexibility to deploy
SAP NetWeaver BW or BI-driven analytic applications from SAP on the HP Neoview enterprise data warehouse platform.
HP Neoview
provides a highly scalable database platform to store, manage and
access huge volumes of data through its massively parallel processing
and shared-nothing architecture.

The HP Neoview platform’s capability is complemented by the robust
SAP NetWeaver BW and the high-performance SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator (SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator) software for the data warehouse layer, as well as by software from the
SAP® BusinessObjects™ portfolio, which act as the BI front-end tools to provide high-speed analysis of data.

The integrated products will offer specific optimizations in the
areas of data availability windows for acquiring and provisioning very
high-volume operational data. Instead of being faced with migrating or
re-implementing solutions, customers can protect and take advantage of
their existing data warehousing investments by simply augmenting an
existing deployment of SAP NetWeaver BW with a database running on the
HP Neoview platform.

HP Business Intelligence solutions
combined with HP’s overall product portfolio creates a complete
offering for SAP BI solutions. HP’s extensive portfolio of assets
leading with a world-class consulting organization, combined with the
BI portfolio from SAP will allow HP to provide joint customers with a
highly differentiated offering for end-to-end BI solutions. For the
last 20 years, nearly 50 percent of implementations of SAP solutions
have run on HP platforms. The addition of
HP Neoview
complements the complete lineup of HP infrastructures for use with SAP
business intelligence solutions. The increased integration of
HP Neoview and SAP solutions delivers a compelling solution for non-SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) accounts as well.

“With broader visibility across their business networks, companies
can gain the insight needed to act decisively in today’s global
economy,” said John Schwarz, member of the Executive Board, SAP AG.
“Working together, SAP and HP are enabling customers to achieve
visibility by delivering integrated solutions that offer increased
scalability and greater flexibility for any data environment.”

HP resells
SAP BusinessObjects software
to offer customers a turnkey solution that includes data warehouse
infrastructure, business intelligence and data integration tools.

“Businesses are continually challenged to drive greater value and
efficiency throughout their organizations,” said Thomas E. Hogan,
executive vice president, Software and Solutions, HP. “HP and SAP offer
a highly scalable business intelligence solution, which enables
organizations to deliver enhanced decision-making capabilities to a
wider range of users.”


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