Lenco introduces L69 with 33 and 45 rpm

Lenco has launched the L69, a turntable can digitize your old 33 and 45 tours in MP3 format without requiring passage through a computer.

Connected to an amplifier through its RCA output, this deck can take your vinyl formats 33 and 45 rpm, as well as MP3 music stored on any media connected to the USB port or memory card inserted in the slot provided for SD this effect.

But that’s not all, since it is also possible to digitize your old vinyl records by encoding the stream to MP3 format directly to the storage media or USB memory card without a computer then.


  • Player of the vinyl formats 33 and 45 rpm
  • Belt drive
  • Right arm
  • USB 2.0
  • Memory Card Reader SD
  • Play music in MP3 format of the drive USB or SD card
  • Encoding to MP3 to the USB storage device or SD card
  • RCA output for connection to amplifier
  • Dimensions: 412 x 345 x 118 mm
  • Weight: 8.3 kg
  • Finish: silver
  • Food on the outlet



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