Vinaphone Launches Viet Nam’s First 3G Service with Motorola Technology

Motorola completes 3G network upgrade in record time enabling Vinaphone to provide high-speed mobile data services.

Motorola, Inc. announced that Vinaphone, a subsidiary of Viet Nam Posts and Telecommunications (VNPT) Group, has launched the first commercial 3G service in Viet Nam with network infrastructure from Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility business. The network was upgraded in record time, just two months after the contract was awarded in August, demonstrating Motorola’s leadership in technology and services and reinforcing Vinaphone’s position as a leading operator in the country.

The new network provides advanced high-speed mobile data services in northern Viet Nam including key areas of the capital city, Hanoi. The service launch builds on the success of Motorola’s 2G network deployment for Vinaphone and will bring new media mobility experiences to Vinaphone’s customers.

“We were committed to upgrading and delivering the 3G network for Vinaphone within just a few months of the contract being signed,” said Dr. Ray Owen, general director of Motorola Viet Nam, “With our advanced technology and the skill and dedication of our services team, the first phase of the project was completed in only two months. As a result, Vinaphone is the first operator to launch a commercial 3G service in Viet Nam, making this another notable example of Motorola’s capabilities in both 3G technology and services.”

“Launching the first 3G service in Viet Nam’s most important cities, including the capital Hanoi, will help Vinaphone differentiate its services in a competitive market and capture more business opportunities in the growing mobile data communications market,” he said.

“We are extremely impressed with Motorola’s ability to rollout the upgrade in such a short time along with the quality of technology and services delivered during this 3G network project,” said Mr. Lam Hoang Vinh, vice president of VNPT and managing director of Vinaphone.  “Vinaphone and Motorola have a long history of cooperation. The great teamwork and partnership demonstrated were critical to the successful network upgrade. The first-to-market 3G service in Viet Nam allows us to bring high-speed mobile data services to subscribers ahead of competitors, enabling Vinaphone to strengthen its leading market position and increase return on investment.”

Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility business provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution, consisting of market-leading products, tools and support, which addresses the full value chain of mobile and entertainment service providers. It has a global presence with radio access solutions deployed in more than 160 active networks encompassing WiMAX, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and iDEN, allowing operators to deliver personalized media mobility experiences to users anywhere they go.


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