FIFA Manager 10 Demo for pc available

While the game’s release is scheduled for 29 October, Electronic Arts has discovered the improvements of FIFA Manager 10 via a playable demo. This represents a download of 897 MB and you can certainly get it from our download sections.

It allows to play games limited to a half-season, but most options and tools like in full version are also already present. Only missing part is, reviews of games, 3D representation of the faces of players and the online game mode. The playable demo is also limited to Championships German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish, but it is important to note that the backups made by fans will be listed on the full version of the game.


  • Online Mode: The online mode is free of charge, easy to begin with and you can play a season in 2-3 hours. All matches take place in text mode to keep the speed of the game up. Up to eight players can play in one of about 40 different first divisions from all over the world. This guarantees a huge number of head-to-head matches and frequent exciting player auctions. After the matchmaking on the EA server the season can immediately start and the players play the game peer-to-peer. Manager points and cups are sent to the EA server to create global rankings.
  • Improved 3D Match: The 3D mode has been expanded by several hundred new animations and is now based on the latest FIFA 09 animation system. All tactical options were improved. It is now possible to directly click on players on the pitch to get all the necessary information on the player. New cameras (sideline, bird’s view, single player) give you even more options to analyse the match.
  • Manager on the Sideline: For the first time, the manager is displayed in 3D on the sideline and can influence the match by the re-integrated feature “Manager Shouts”. More than 70 animations and 15 different shouts are available.
  • Highlight Mode: Another large improvement in the 3D match is the highlight mode which includes a 2D display of the pitch and a large number of new texts.
  • Improved Text Mode: FIFA Manager 10 includes an extended text mode with more than 5,000 events and many textual improvements. It includes the new “Manager Shouts” feature, an improved presentation of penalty shoot-outs, new videos and the original 3D match fan chants.
  • Stadium Editor light: In addition to the complex 3D stadium editor you can now also create your stadium with just a few mouse-clicks.
  • Stadium Infrastructure: Take care of the the food, the facilities, the stadium magazine, public transport, VIP areas, locker rooms. Fine tune details of all your facilities for maximum profit and the happiness of your supporters.
  • Download playable demo of FIFA Manager 10 (897 MB)



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