Netcordia introduces NetMRI 4

Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) solutions, announced NetMRI 4—the next generation network automation solution for physical and virtual network infrastructures.

Configuration drives today’s virtual data center and NetMRI 4 is an essential key to managing it. It features the most advanced NCCM capabilities and flexible architecture available. It can run as a VMware virtual appliance downloaded from the web, installs in less than 30 minutes, can be purchased on a monthly subscription-based model as well as a perpetual license, and scales to manage 100,000+ network devices with multi-tenancy architecture and views.

"We’ve taken an advanced NCCM product, and recast it as a highly scalable and flexible enterprise network configuration automation solution. It’s incredibly easy for new customers to experience NetMRI’s immediate impact—and for our customers to expand use of the tool they trust, by several orders of magnitude," said Don Pyle, CEO of Netcordia. "This is what our customers, and partners expect—architecture that scales with their needs, easy deployment, advanced capabilities and flexible budget options."

NetMRI 4 fundamentally shifts the network management software landscape, by putting the most powerful and intuitive solution within reach of any network—small to mid-sized to enterprise-scale. Version 4 enhancements aligns NetMRI with the most strategic IT initiatives, as a must-have solution for managing underlying network configuration and changes—which continues to be the number-one cause of network degradation, instability and outages.

NetMRI 4 establishes the foundation for managing network infrastructures that will become increasingly complex with the advent of virtualization and cloud computing. NetMRI allows enterprises, service providers and managed network service providers to more effectively automate, optimize and manage their network infrastructures, which in turn, allows these organizations to handle the complex requirements of virtualization and cloud computing.

Introducing the NetMRI Virtual Appliance

Partners and customers now have the option to download and run NetMRI as a virtual appliance within a VMware virtual machine, or continue to use the existing NetMRI physical appliance. Not just a software application, the virtual appliance comes bundled with all required system components making installation truly a plug and play operation, with no need to install and maintain an operating system or database, just as if it were a physical appliance.

Highly Scalable, Multi-Tenant Distributed Architecture

NetMRI 4 features a new, distributed architecture that is able to tier groups and networks into a single point of management. This architecture offers unlimited flexibility to define multi-user, multi-role and multi-domain access and privileges, making NetMRI the go-to tool for managers at every level in the IT organization and network operations center (NOC). NetMRI 4 navigates and inventories any environment, and provides a single, consolidated view of the entire network, utilizing an easy-to-use interface and intuitive drill-down options.

Next Generation Network Automation

NetMRI 4 moves beyond the simple network management functions of collecting data and generating alerts and reports to directly address the foundation of network stability—how the network is configured and maintained.

New network automation features make it possible to:

  • Trigger jobs that must be implemented to immediately resolve problems NetMRI discovers.
  • Collect diagnostic information and conditionally chain together automation tasks to remediate issues, provision network services, and roll out network updates.
  • Effectively manage a myriad of jobs with status notifications and an enhanced job automation wizard—to provide network managers with the ability to schedule and automate tasks formerly seen as too complex and risky.

Advanced Network Management Features

The growing complexity of network infrastructures – and emerging demands from bandwidth-intensive applications and data center operations – have made network configuration and change management an essential capability for organizations of all sizes. NetMRI 4 introduces a number of new features that align with customers’ system and process requirements.


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