Toshiba and N-trig Team Up to Make Multi-Touch Computing

N-trig, providers of DuoSense solution combining pen and capacitive multi-touch in a single device, in collaboration with Toshiba, today announced the launch of the new Satellite U505 notebook with multi-touch capabilities for consumers. This is further fueled by Microsoft’s launch of its new Windows 7 operating system, set to be released on October 22. Go to, to view a video demonstration of the fun multi-touch capabilities on the new Toshiba Satellite U505 multi-touch enabled notebook.

The DuoSense solution enabled in the Toshiba Satellite U505 multi-touch notebook in conjunction with the launch of the Windows 7 operating system, opens up a wealth of new computing opportunities for different types of users including adults, teens and children, to interact directly on their screen and further break down the barriers for a more intuitive and accessible hands-on computing experience. The DuoSense multi-touch solution provides a new approach to computing enabling a more creative and fun experience that supports today’s busy digital lifestyle.

Toshiba’s Satellite U505 further validates the market trend towards touch screen computing, bringing the first consumer multi-touch enabled notebook to the marketplace. Built with N-trig’s DuoSense digitizer, the Toshiba Satellite U505 boasts a 13.3” screen and runs on Windows 7.

“Toshiba’s clear vision for the consumer, combined with our strong multi-touch solution, significantly changes the way that consumers of all ages can now interact with their notebooks,” said Amichai Ben-David, CEO of N-trig. “With our DuoSense solution, users now have a new range of options to interact directly with their computers, enabling them to play instruments and games, to schedule their daily calendar, or even finger-paint directly on the screen. We believe that this type of interaction will become the standard for all computers.”

YouTube video demonstrates different types of multi-touch software applications:

The video demonstrates how N-trig DuoSense multi-touch solution is creating new standards and supports new applications designed to improve the human interface and give people a more user friendly experience:·
Manipulate photos or drag and drop new clip art;·
Finger-paint right on the screen; ·
Play games or complete research for a homework , study or work assignments; or·
Compose or play music

To view the video go to:


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