Fedora 12 First and Last Beta Version

The Fedora 12 Linux distribution supported by Red Hat is available in a single beta.

The Fedora distribution is considered as the sandbox versions for Red Hat enterprise. A distribution that has the latest innovations in free software like the Linux company said. Fedora 11 for example had been the first Linux distribution to support the default file system EXT4 which is found in all distributions to come.

Code-named Constantine, Fedora 12 is now available in a beta version will be the only of its kind. The final version is expected by November 17, 2009. Since June 2009 and the release of Fedora 11, Red Hat puts forward several enhancements and features that were added to Fedora 12.

The editor cites in particular improvements to PackageKit which allows for easier installation of software packages and supports a browser plugin so that applications can be installed via HTML tags, and therefore from a web browser.

The network manager NetworkManager supports easier mobile connections, with an indicator for signal strength and can quickly switch to a broadband connection to another. It also offers integration of PolicyKit to centrally manage the configuration and has better support for IPv6.

In its announcement, Rad Hat also focuses on the integration of video compression format Royalty free Theora 1.1, many enhancements in virtualization capabilities KVM (better memory management, management of change network adapters hot infrastructure PXE boot, visit a storage area network, handling virtual machines out of the virtualization environment …).

Lists of the New Fedora 12 Beta
– Linux kernel
– Plymouth for a graphic animation to boot
– KDE 4.3.2
– GNOME 2.28.0
– Support of Moblin, the Intel project for better support on netbooks and mobile devices
– X86 version optimized for Intel Atom (compiled for i686 architecture)
– Better management of webcams
– Compression XZ for RPMS
– Improving energy management
– Improvements for the PulseAudio sound server
– Bluetooth application


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