CSC and Soasta announce web application performance testing

SOASTA CloudTest provides load and performance testing solutions to ensure Web applications and services perform in a highly reliable, scalable and predictable manner. CSC offers Independent Testing and Validation Services across industry verticals, leveraging its deep domain expertise, global delivery capability and comprehensive portfolio of testing services. CSC also provides "Testing as a Service" (TaaS) within its Trusted Cloud Services offering. Testing as a Service is available on-demand in public, private and hybrid cloud networks to meet customers’ business requirements, security needs and regulatory standards.

"Website performance impacts any enterprise that is marketing, selling or processing business using the Web, and yet most companies do not test for web application reliability and examples of performance issues abound," said Ben Pring, Research VP, Gartner. "It has been cost-prohibitive to simulate real world traffic using traditional testing methods. With cloud-based testing, enterprises of all sizes can now affordably test to identify performance issues and validate website reliability."

By combining CSC’s global testing services capabilities with SOASTA’s leading cloud testing solution, CSC provides a complete set of testing and accreditation services to all customers globally. The offering will focus on new cloud computing and Web projects as well as provide existing managed services customers with a new level of performance and reliability not previously possible due to hardware, software and human resource limitations.

Customers will also benefit from:

  • Unmatched scalability to easily test at or above peak expected traffic
  • Analytics to manage massive amounts of data and address issues in real time
  • An affordable alternative to traditional performance testing
  • Best practices in consulting and automation services across functional and performance testing
  • CSC Global Testing Center of Excellence that provides best-in-class cross-industry testing solutions

"We are very excited to have CSC as a partner and grow our presence in the global market," said Tom Lounibos, chief executive officer, SOASTA. "CSC has established strong business relationships with customers across a broad range of industries, an outstanding professional services organization and a commitment to ensure customer success. By leveraging the cloud, CSC customers will be able to launch their Web applications with confidence in their ability to perform as expected."

"We are pleased to partner with SOASTA," said Brian Boruff, vice president of Cloud Computing for CSC. "The company’s technical achievements leveraging the cloud are impressive, as is their clear commitment to ensuring partner success. Our customers depend on us to provide the very best technology. Web application performance is a crucial aspect of our customers’ success. SOASTA’s cloud testing product line helps us satisfy their needs as well as continue to expand our cloud services offering with a powerful and affordable solution."

Web application Performance Testing in CSCs Trusted Cloud uses SOASTA CloudTest to leverage the elasticity of the cloud to provide an accurate representation of real-world Web traffic and usage. The CloudTest appliance is ideal for creating and executing tests in-house, behind the firewall. Tests executed in-house can then be rapidly reused for testing from the cloud. Web Performance Testing is available on a pay-per-use basis.


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