Microsoft to Confirm Blu-ray For Xbox 360

Subject of many rumors, the Blu-ray Xbox 360 will not be far off.

For weeks, the issue has been the subject of countless rumors last year and yet, the boss of Microsoft just sweep it into two short sentences. Talking to the guys at Gizmodo, Steve Ballmer has effectively confirmed the arrival of a Blu-ray for Xbox 360.

Recall that the Blu-ray is a high-definition format devised by Sony, which was in competition with the HD-DVD backed by Microsoft. The U.S. company even went so far as to propose an HD-DVD external, but the size of its rival won, and now the HD-DVD is finally buried. Steve Ballmer said then that the Blu-ray player will be offered in good charge. It gives no information on pricing or availability of the thing, but indicates that such a reader will be incidental.

Where the thing becomes "fun" is when Gizmodo has tried to learn more: the official response from Microsoft is that while the ability to play movies will soon be deployed via direct broadcast system videos Instant-on 1080p HD Streaming… So is Microsoft looking forward for Steve Ballmer suggestions offered for a Blu-ray to plug into console or is it that the boss has a truculent little progress?


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