VISION Technology from AMD Helps Speed and Simplify Next-Generation Computing with Windows 7

AMD today congratulates Microsoft Corp. on the significant achievement of bringing the highly-anticipated Windows 7 operating system to consumers and businesses worldwide. Optimized for AMD processing technologies and launching at the same time as VISION Technology by AMD in retail outlets worldwide, Windows 7 on AMD-based PCs enables consumers everywhere to enjoy an exceptionally rich, intuitive and stable computing experience.


  • Only AMD delivers expertise and innovations that span from high-end graphics and video processing to multi-core CPUs in designing balanced PC platforms. This unique capability, combined with the collaborative relationship with Microsoft during the development of the Windows 7 operating system, results in a visibly superior experience to consumers: from video playback to game play to enabling the speeding of processor-intensive tasks like transcoding.
  • With VISION Technology from AMD, PC buyers can take advantage of the enhancements in Windows 7 for their PC, including features such as Windows 7 drag-and-drop1, upscaling DVD videos to near-HD quality on HD-capable monitors, and touch-screen operation. VISION technology by AMD helps simplify the consumer buying experience, enables a superior visual PC experience, and enriches virtually everything PC users see, share, and create.
  • Second-generation AMD Ultrathin and 2009 AMD Mainstream Notebook platforms, available today pre-loaded with Windows 7 at leading retail and online outlets, leverage VISION Technology from AMD to address the needs of today’s PC lifestyle. With a growing focus on entertainment features such as rich and vivid HD video, music and photos, available Blu-ray playback, 7.1 surround audio and HDMI output with multi-tasking performance, today’s PC users can find these features in notebooks with Vision Technology from AMD.
  • The most powerful PC graphics and video processors ever created2 – the ATI RadeonTM HD 5800 series – deliver immersive gaming experiences with support for ATI Eyefinity Technology and DirectX® 11, the first processor to do so3.
  • ATI Stream technology takes advantage of AMD’s balanced platform approach using the combined power of CPU and graphics to dramatically accelerate computing performance with enabled applications, such as converting video to portable media players with Windows 7 drag-and-drop.
  • AMD’s ATI Catalyst™ unified software suite enables rock-solid stability and drives the visually stunning desktop environment for AMD platforms running Windows 7.
  • AMD Business Class Technology helps make small and enterprise businesses more efficient with desktop PCs supporting Windows 7 and AMD VirtualizationTM (AMD-V™) technology. With features like Windows XP Mode, businesses can leverage their investment in Windows XP applications, as well as industry standards like Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware (DASH) 1.1 for out-of-band manageability and TPM 1.2 for security.

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“The availability of Windows 7 represents an important step for the PC industry, enabling an improved user experience focused on what users care about most today – PC entertainment that spans video, photos, music and gaming, as well as everyday consumer and business applications,” said Leslie Sobon, VP, Product Marketing, AMD. “AMD has worked closely with Microsoft to help them optimize the necessary processing technologies that bring this exciting operating system to life for users, and we look forward to continued collaboration in pushing the envelope on the future of computing.”

“Microsoft values its relationship with AMD, which has helped enable the outstanding user experience achieved with Windows 7,” said Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows Product Management at Microsoft. “This enhanced visual experience has been made possible through years of collaboration. Users worldwide can now reap the benefits of Microsoft’s and AMD’s hard work on Windows 7.”

"AMD’s DirectX 11 support as part of Windows 7 demonstrates a major shift in the visual computing experience, not only in gaming environments, but for professional 3D digital content creation as well," said David Koenig, CEO, StudioGPU. "Our upcoming DirectX 11-enabled MachStudio Pro product line is designed to further streamline 3D production by providing users of ATI FirePro™ graphics accelerators with even greater control, flexibility and speed within a real-time 3D workflow and rendering pipeline." Koenig continues, “We have been developing and testing on Windows 7 for several months so we’re pleased to have MachStudio Pro support, in what we see as the most robust version of Windows ever, right at launch.”


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