Geotagalog 1.5 makes geotagging for iPhoto’s Places even easier

Calf Trail Software, LLC today announced the release of Geotagalog
version 1.5. This upgrade to their GPS-based geotagging utility is free
existing customers, although the price of Geotagalog has been raised to
$25 with this release. Version 1.5 includes many significant
improvements to tracklog handling, including direct support for an
additional format.

Used with a GPS logger, Geotagalog takes the work out of iPhoto’s
Places feature. It automatically combines digital photos with location
data from a GPS tracklog. While the user adjusts camera time
corrections for better alignment, Geotagalog shows a live location
preview with mouseover thumbnails. After any adjustments are made, the
photos are geotagged and imported directly into the user’s iPhoto
library for them. This is all done with ease, thanks to Geotagalog’s
straightforward interface.

In version 1.5, the geolocation calculations have been revamped
internally to deliver even better results, and to give more control
over photos taken while the user’s GPS logger was off or without
signal. Geotagalog now also displays waypoints from formats that
support marking locations while taking pictures. By combining these
waypoint markers with Geotagalog’s existing drag and drop mouse
interface, a user can now make any necessary adjustments with greater

Another exciting addition in Geotagalog 1.5 is direct support for the
FAI Gliding Commission IGC flight recording format. This allows pilots
of gliders and other sport aircraft to geotag photos taken in the air
with precise latitude, longitude and altitude metadata.

Summary of new features in 1.5:

  • Better handling of photos outside of tracklog range
  • Waypoint marker display
  • Even more sophisticated interpolation algorithms
  • Direct support for FAI Gliding Commission flight recordings (.igc)

Taken together, these improvements represent a major step forward. More
users can now geotag more photos from more occasions, with less hassle.


  • Free update to existing customers
  • 13.4 MB download
  • Free quantity-limited demo available; full version costs only $25,


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