ThunderSoft Released new Flash Slideshow Software

AlbumMe is an incredibly easy-to-use software package that lets you create flash slideshow from your pictures! With the power of flash you can add transition effects, apply captions, play music, use clip art, and more! And with over 35 different animated templates, you don’t have to start from scratch, nor do you have to reinvent the wheel. You can even create an animated E-card to send to your friends and family.

AlbumMe comes with over 70 transition effects for you to play with! You’re going to need that many transitions, too, because AlbumMe lets you stuff over 500 images into a single photo album. And, with over 500 images in your photo album, you’ll certainly appreciate AlbumMe’s ability to create an index page with thumbnails for each of your photos!

Tweak the settings of your animated photo slideshow by setting the duration of photos and transitions. When you’re done, AlbumMe lets you publish your slideshow as a flash file, a standalone executable EXE file, a screensaver, or as HTML code that you can embed in your website!

AlbumMe lets you:

  • Create stunning animated photo slideshow in Flash format.
  • Add over 70 transition effects.
  • Get started quickly with over 30 different animated templates.
  • Construct albums with over 500 images and complete them with a thumbnail index page.
  • Publish your slideshow as Flash, EXE, screensaver, or HTML code.

Pricing and Availability

AlbumMe is priced from $39.95 and trial version is available for free download. To get more information and obtain a free trial version, please visit:


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