Verizon Named Technical Achievement Winner in NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation of America, a premier provider of network and IT solutions, announced Verizon as the winner of the ‘Empowered by Telecommunications’ award in the category of Technical Achievement.
The ‘Empowered by Telecommunications’ award was created to recognize innovation and achievement among USTelecom carrier members.
Reviewed by a panel of industry influencers, including both media and analyst judges, Verizon received the Technical Achievement recognition for its September 2008 optical control plane technology field trial. In this trial, Verizon performed the industry’s first multi-supplier control plane test, demonstrating near real-time circuit provisioning across the company’s commercial network. The trial used established circuits carrying test traffic through optical paths on the Verizon network from Chicago to Atlanta, and demonstrated interoperability based on industry standards (Optical Interoperability Forum E-NNI) of the optical control plane for dynamic flow-through of provisioned orders, which should result in a shortened time from circuit order to circuit activation.
"Congratulations to Verizon for winning an inaugural NEC ‘Empowered by Telecommunications’ award. This award recognizes and promotes thought leadership as well as the efforts and achievements that advance technology in support of moving forward some aspect of the entire telecommunications market," stated Michael Howard, principal analyst at Infonetics Research and ‘Empowered by Telecommunications’ award judge. "We believe this award encourages USTelecom member operators and service providers to step up with innovation in business, services, and technology."
Optical control plane technology delivers automated control of circuit provisioning and maintenance, enabling a truly dynamic transport services environment. The technology also allows quick response to changing customer demands as networks evolve with new features and content. Control plane technology reduces idle capacity in the network, as well as affords dynamic re-routing of capacity during outage events or maintenance periods.
"Our optical control plane field trial marks the first multi-supplier implementation of its kind across a commercial network," said Mark Wegleitner, senior vice president, Corporate Technology, Verizon Communications. "I especially want to acknowledge the hard work and expertise our technical staff contributed to move the industry toward interoperability requirements for optical control plane signaling."
"NEC’s ‘Empowered by Telecommunications’ award presented a great opportunity for USTelecom carrier members to share achievements with industry peers," said Boris Sinkovec, general manager, Sales and Marketing, NEC Corporation of America. "With USTelecom and our panel of esteemed judges, we are proud to honor Verizon Communications for this Technical Achievement award, as their trial demonstrates commitment to deploying networks that support end-users’ future communications needs."
Verizon received the ‘Empowered by Telecommunications’ award at the USTelecom Membership Reception at Supercomm 2009 on October 20, 2009. Additionally, NEC Corporation of America will make a US$10,000.00 donation on behalf of Verizon, to an approved educational institution.


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