E2D releases songvoo 1.1 with Facebook integration and shape-gestures

Elements2Dance (E2D) today is proud to announce songvoo 1.1,
their updated iPod app and music player for iPhone and iPod Touch.
Developed specifically to leverage the iPhone’s unique capabilities and
interface, songvoo uses the entire display for the song title and
artist of the current playing song. songvoo serves as a great iPod
companion for both casual user and music professionals alike, or anyone
who has a large, constantly changing music collection to stay on top

Facebook Enabled: songvoo lets the user share his currently playing
song info on their Facebook stream, and update their Facebook status
from within the app. The Facebook story includes a link to listen to
and purchase the currently playing song, and others from the artist,
from the iTunes Store.

Perfect for jogging, driving, and many other active diversions, the
large, easy-to-read display shows at-a-glance exactly what song is
playing and who the artist is. songvoo will look great in a car-mount
or speaker dock. It even responds to all external remote controls like
next song, previous song, pause, and play, including control from
Apple’s earbud remote.

songvoo features intuitive, yet incredibly useful controls that work
great no matter what the users orientation is to the screen, such as
when the device is in an armband, or even when driving. New in this
version is Shape Gestures, which also work in any orientation. Just tap
once to play or pause, swipe or double-tap the screen to go to the next
track, or go to the previous track with a triple-tap or back-arrow
gesture (<). songvoo also shows elapsed and remaining time for the
currently playing track, along with a slider that can be used to skip
sections or replay a certain part. The interface elements can also be
faded out while music is playing to further reduce distractions. You
can activate song shuffle by holding a thumb on the screen and shaking
the device.

Also new in this version is Intro-Outro Skip, loop, shuffle, and a
song info screen. Intro-Outro Skip lets you skip a user-defined amount
from the beginning and end of each track. People who need to go through
a large amount of music in a short amount of time will appreciate this
feature that lets you get to the “meat” of each track quickly. The song
info screen lets you see all of the meta data associated and available
for the current track including the album art, rating, composer, disc
number, and more.

“I developed songvoo originally to fill a need for my own enormous
and constantly growing music collection.” said Jokton Strealy, resident
DJ of E2D. “The included iPod app was not enough for my needs because
the text seemed too small, and song names and artists appeared cut off
for lack of space because the album cover art was so big. When I’m
browsing my music before a set, I’ve also always wanted to be able to
automatically cut off the intros and outros, which can be quite long
and repetitive in dance music mixes. I also felt that the interface
needed to be more fun and look stylish. Apple opening up version 3.0 of
the iPhone OS allows so much more freedom. Although created for music
professionals, songvoo allows for extensive user customization which
should also appeal to a wider audience.”

Users can choose a new playlist (or songs) from their iPod library
at any time, as well as choose music in the iPod app if they prefer,
and bounce back and forth between apps with no problem. Additionally,
it is possible to personalize songvoo. Change font, colors, background
image, or enable the shake to randomize feature and set these

Device Requirements:

  • Original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 1st or 2nd Generation, with OS 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:

  • songvoo 1.1 is only $0.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the
    App Store in the Music category. songvoo was a “Featured New Release”
    by Apple in the month of September on the App Store.


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