Norman Introduces New and Improved features for Norman Security Suite

Norman today announced the release of Norman Security Suite with a new and improved user interface and new antispam protection. The comprehensive and powerful antispam module keeps the inbox free from unwanted junk email. The latest suite includes innovative technologies to protect against evolving threats.

With an average of 30,000 new malware samples discovered and processes each day, a strong preemptive protection is needed. Norman Security Suite is a comprehensive security solution specially designed to combat the increasing number of Internet threats users meet every day. Adobe products and social utilities such as Twitter and Facebook are particularly vulnerable for being hijacked and turned into malware vehicles.

Norman Security Suite is a powerful protection against Internet threats such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and hackers. Enhancements in the antimalware scanner technology protect against new born malware propagated in vulnerabilities in popular applications and file formats. Exploitation of such vulnerabilities continues to be an increasingly popular way to spread malicious programs. Norman Exploit Detection a new protection layer developed by Norman addresses this propagation vector.

The new powerful antispam module filters out unwanted and fraudulent emails from the mailbox. With the new spam engine a detection rate of more than 98% stops unwanted, fraudulent and phishing emails ensuring uninterrupted service delivering only emails the users really need. Users can create, block and allow lists to manage who they want to receive emails from, and what content that they allow passing through the email client.

The new and intuitive user interface makes Norman Security Suite easy to use. It helps the users to constantly stay informed in regards to security status and security issues they encounter in their every day online experience. If security incidents or product settings require attention, then the new security status and activity summary presents the users’ health status at a glance.

"Norman Security Suite makes it simple to stay protected against the influx number of newborn threats. It is a solid and comprehensive security solution based upon the best technologies and valuable feedback from our customers. With significant performance enhancements and our new antispam module we make sure our customers have the most complete security solution on the market," said Audun Lødemel, VP marketing and business development .

New and improved features in Norman Security Suite
    * Antispam module that stops 98% of all spam
    * Management capabilities to create, block and allow lists to give the user full control of who they receive emails from
    * New and improved GUI giving the user a more friendly interface
    * Detailed security status and activity summary reports
    * Norman DNA Matching – a new technology and method for identifying the viral profile of all kinds of malicious programs
    * Norman Exploit detection
    * Effective Web Content Protection to protect against unwanted content

Norman Security Suite includes technology that takes full advantage of Norman’s award winning technologies such as Norman SandBox, Norman Exploit Detection and Norman DNA Matching for proactive detection meeting today’s increasingly more difficult security challenges.

Norman Security Suite is available through Norman’s webshop and partners in selected countries worldwide. The different modules can also be purchased separately.


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