WOWVerified announces Mortgage-Related Network

WOWVerified, the nation’s premiere online business verification company, is pleased to announce the launch of a new network, WOWMortgageRates. WOWMortgageRates serves as a platform from which potential home-buyers can access mortgage-related information and services, including lender referrals.

Through the WOWVerified program, WOWMortgageRates annually evaluates U.S. mortgage companies, placing them through an in-depth verification process. WOWVerified specialists consider numerous factors in their screening process, including the lender’s financial stability, industry knowledge, experience, customer service, and overall credibility. Such a rigorous verification process ensures that customers consistently receive top-quality lender recommendations.

"It is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to find an ethical, reputable mortgage company online," said Richard Cleri, Expert SEO Consultant. "Since large lead generation websites often use black hat methods to block the top spots, it’s difficult for consumers to find trustworthy mortgage lenders who have their best interests in mind. It’s refreshing to see compete with traditional lead generation sites to pre-screen lenders and provide top-quality lender referrals to customers."

In addition to certified lender recommendations, WOWMortgageRates offers free city- and state-specific mortgage information, competitive mortgage rates, and mortgage quotes from WOWVerified specialists.

WOWVerified is a leading provider of online business-related information services. WOWVerified’s strict company verification process ensures that customers consistently receive the best, most reliable company referrals. WOWVerified uses an industry-specific verification process, with unique regulations to account for varying types of businesses.


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