Champions Online: play free trial

Available since early September on PC, Champions Online should soon receive the reinforcement of a big update called Bloody Moon. For the latest scheduled which will begin tomorrow in preparation for Halloween, this event will lead to many problems in the streets of Millennium City, a zombie outbreak in Canada and the introduction of a new set of powers, "celestial". The Undying Lord, Takofanes, a necromantic ruler who dominated the earth thousands of years ago is back. Takofanes’ last encounter with the Champions of Millennium City ended with half our world’s beloved heroes slain. Who now can stand against him?

To give everyone the opportunity to discover these and why not to be conquered by this role-play massively multiplayer, the studio Cryptic said that a weekend of free test will be held from next Friday, October 30th at 18h. To facilitate this, the developers have implemented a specific page detailing this event and how to participate … We invite you of course see the pages, click here to make an account and start downloading the game here!






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