T-Mobile & Huawei Complete Testing on World’ s First LTE Self-Organizing Network

Huawei, a leader in providing next-generation telecommunications
network solutions for operators around the world, today announced that
it has successfully completed the world’ s first test for LTE
self-organizing network (SON) with T-Mobile in Innsbruck, Austria.
Through the solution’ s ability to configure, optimize and recover
automatically, the LTE SON will offer operators operational cost
savings associated with network planning, network deployment and
network optimization.

Using T-Mobile’ s existing eNodeBs, the test aims at verifying the
functionality of Automatic Neighbour Relation (ANR) in Huawei’ s SON
solution. The test result shows high successful handover rate and
demonstrates that the SON solution is able to automatically establish
and optimize the neighbour relations, and satisfies the requirement of
future LTE commercial networks. As network topology changes, the LTE
SON solution will ensure a high level of network connectivity and
optimization of network-wide performance.

"As a pioneer in the development of next-generation mobile network
(NGMN), T-Mobile marked the next step in testing future technology with
our test network in Innsbruck. We are delighted to see that key
innovations like network automation are already part of this project",
commented Rüdiger Köster, Technology Director of T-Mobile Austria.

"With the latest SON solution, Huawei is able to deploy an LTE network
with the best performance and effective expense." said, Ying Weimin,
President of LTE, Huawei, "As a leader in providing end-to-end mobile
broadband solutions, Huawei is committed to accelerating the
commercialization of LTE technology through providing solutions to
reduce the cost per bit."

Huawei’ s SON commercial solution was released in Q2 2009 and is
currently offered as part of Huawei’ s suite of LTE solutions.
Additional features of SON, such as the Mobile Robust Optimization
(MRO) feature will be tested by Huawei and T-Mobile in the next phase.


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