Norman passes the ICSA Labs Antivirus test criteria for Microsoft Windows 7

Norman ASA, the leading innovator of proactive antimalware solutions, announces that Norman Antivirus for Microsoft Windows 7 has passed the ICSA Labs Antivirus test. Norman has recently past the Antivirus Certification Program for Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, provided by ICSA Labs who offers vendor-neutral testing and certification of security products.

To achieve the ICSA Labs Anti-Virus Certification, Norman’s Antivirus has met all criteria for detection of malware on desktops and servers. It has to demonstrate the capability to detect, identify and prevent self-replicating malware while reporting no false positives. It also passed the criteria to be able to log the results of virus-detection attempts.

“Norman is committed to deliver security products to protect new popular platforms. We are very proud and satisfied that our new antivirus has met the certification criteria for Windows 7. We find it especial important since the popularity of this operating system is so enormous. With support for Windows 7 yet another platform is protected by our proactive technology, Norman SandBox. The support of this operating system is an important contribution to reduce security risks caused by the continuous stream of malicious data from the internet,” said Audun Lødemel, VP marketing and business development.

“The continuing onslaught of malicious code means it remains critically important that end-users have help maintaining the security of their operating systems, even on the newest ones," said Andrew Hayter, anti-malcode program manager, ICSA Labs. “ICSA Labs works closely with product vendors and corporate users to develop thorough, up-to-date testing standards for anti-virus products. We provide continuing assurance on security products, with the overriding goal of helping end-users make informed buying decisions for their organizations."

Norman has done various certifications for products such as Norman Endpoint Protection, Norman Network Protection and Norman Virus Control. The test performed by organizations like ICSA Labs is an important assortment for the product quality and Norman is committed to continue such activities.

Norman Security Suite is available through Norman’s webshop and partners in selected countries worldwide. The different modules can also be purchased separately.


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