Announcing 4Notes with Incredible Syncing and Search Capability

Press Start LLC today announced the release of 4Notes, an amazing
note taking application that is simple to use and incredibly fast.
4Notes offers a combination of features that allow iPhone/iPod touch
users to access notes anywhere, including their iPhone/iPod touch, the
internet, and their email.

“4Notes offers an amazing experience on your iPhone and iPod touch.”
said John Thomas, President of Press Start LLC. “First, writing notes
is a great experience with 4Notes. With its simple and intuitive
interface, it’s incredibly easy to capture what you want to write.
Second, we offer an incredible syncing capability between 4Notes and
our web application at Press Start Games. Make modifications at either
place, and your updates are automatically shared with the other
application. Third, 4Notes is fast! It was built specifically for the
iPhone and iPod touch, and all actions, whether scrolling through your
notes or using 4Notes’ real-time search feature, are fast and simple to
use. Along with the ability to email from within the application, mark
important notes, and categorize notes, 4Notes is an incredible
application for any person needing or wanting a better note taking
capability on their iPhone or iPod touch.”

4Notes Syncs over WiFi, 3G, or Edge Network
With 4Notes, syncing just works. Make any change to a note and the
changes are automatically sent to Press Start Games (account required).
If you lose your signal, 4Notes will continue to save your notes to the
iPhone or iPod Touch. Using the 4Notes Web Application is free, and
changes made from the web application are also synchronized when 4Notes
is started.

Email Notes
Email any note directly from within 4Notes.

“Star” Important Notes
Distinguish important notes by “starring” them. Starred notes show a
yellow star to the right of the note, easily distinguishing them from
other notes. Notes can be easily starred with a press of a button. The
best part is starred distinctions carry over to the 4Notes Web

Categorize your Notes
Distinguish between personal and business related notes by filtering
within categories. Or, create your own categories. Categories also
transfer to the 4Notes Web Application.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod touch 3.0 or later

Pricing and Availability:
4Notes is available now on the iTunes App Store for $1.99 (USD).


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