New themes for Windows 7 available for download

A few days after the official launch of its operating system Windows 7, Microsoft has made available for download from New topics to customize the GUI.

These themes are several components namely a background image, sounds and icons with a specific color scheme that will play on the transparency effects of Aero. Among the downloads available, some partners have put their brand like Coca-Cola and its eternal rival Pepsi-Cola but also Ferrari, Porsche or Ducati. We also find an edition of Call of Duty, Infiniti, search engine Bing or Zune.

Management issues was originally introduced in Windows 95 with Microsoft Plus Pack! Subsequently, several publishers, like Stardock and TGTSoft had made available their software WindowBlinds or StyleXP to change the look of Windows XP. If personalization in a few clicks had disappeared from Windows Vista, here it comes back for Windows 7. After you download and open a theme, it will automatically apply the system and will be added in the section Personalization Control Panel.


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