HI CORPORATION and PANTECH Enter into a License Agreement for MascotCapsule eruption

HI CORPORATION announced today that HI and South
Korean mobile-phone maker PANTECH CO., LTD (hereinafter "Pantech") has signed a license agreement for HI’s 3D rendering engine MascotCapsule eruption (hereinafter "eruption") as of September 30, 2009.

This agreement, and the use of eruption with select Pantech handsets,
will allow its users to enjoy enriched 3D UIs (user interfaces) and 3D
games at high speeds.

"Pantech is one of the world’s leaders in cutting edge handset design,
and we are constantly searching for ways to make our products even
better for our customers," said Joon-Woo Lee, Executive Vice President,
Pantech. "HI is a key player in the 3D user interface market, and we
are confident that their sophisticated 3D graphics will dramatically
enhance the mobile phone experience for our users around the world,"

Kazuo Kawabata, President and CEO of HI said, "Entering
this agreement is a great opportunity for us because Pantech is always
a pioneer in innovative technologies as well as advanced services,
providing mobile handsets globally. I really expect that MascotCapsule
will rapidly expand its worldwide market through this license

An OpenGL ES(*1) 1.0/1.1 compliant 3D engine that achieved a
dramatically improved processing speed compared to the existing 3D
rendering engines. By using eruption, game developers and content
developers can fully leverage the performance of 3D hardware
accelerators offering increased speed as well as developing content
with rich expression at high-frame rate.

In addition, it is possible to display models and animation data
created with commercial 3D authoring tools such as Autodesk 3ds Max,
Autodesk Maya, etc. With eruption’s various animation feature and
effects, game and content developers can create high-end,
high-performance games and content while reducing the development cost
at the same time.


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