UniQ Corporation keyboard with integrated USB hub

The Japanese brand UniQ Corporation has unveiled its keyboard Uboard. In addition to providing shortcuts to various applications and multimedia, it includes a USB hub.

If three or four USB ports in front of your computer no longer enough and if you are considering investing in a USB (or USB hub), the keyboard Uboard proposed by UniQ Corporation might interest you.

Connected to the computer by USB and powered on the outlet, this keyboard features a USB hub with no less than nine ports, accessible on the top left. What plug USB key, external hard drive, digital camera, music player and other devices using this connector. And if the hub is not used, you can disable it with the ON / OFF any left.

On either side of the keyboard, there are also several shortcut keys. Those left are reserved for applications (desktop, web browser, email and calculator), while those on the right are for multimedia (launch the media player, play / pause, volume reduction, increased volume and put muted).

The manufacturer announced a lifetime for the keyboard 500 million keystrokes.

Price and availability:
Count 5 980 yen, the equivalent of 43 euros for this product.


  • Wireframe
  • Connections USB
  • Cable 150 cm
  • Standard Keys
  • Keys for applications left
  • Keys for multimedia right
  • USB hub ports 9 can be turned off (ON / OFF button in the upper left)
  • Removable wrist rest
  • Dimensions: 200 x 475 x 20 mm
  • Weight: 940 g
  • Finish: Black
  • AC power
  • Life: 500 million strokes


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