More Than 200 Additional Customers Switch To IBM Systems From Sun, HP

IBM announced that 235 customers moved critical business workloads to IBM servers and storage systems from Sun and HP in the third quarter.

All told, since IBM established its Migration Factory program three years ago to help clients move to IBM systems, nearly 2,000 customers have switched to IBM servers and storage, primarily from Sun and HP, including approximately 400 from Sun and 200 from HP this year.

The company also reported that 84 clients moved to IBM Power Systems from Sun alone in the third quarter. Customers are turning to IBM for its long-term investments in systems and stable, innovative product roadmaps, producing systems that are designed for specific purposes, such as business analytics and ultra-high transactions processing.

IBM’s momentum continues in UNIX servers, where the company gained 7.4 points in the second quarter to lead with 41.4 percent revenue share, ahead of Sun at 27.3 percent (down 4.4 points) and HP at 24.8 percent (down 1.6 points), according to IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker. IBM is the only major UNIX vendor to gain revenue share in the past five years (+11 points) while both Sun (-2.5 points) and HP (-4.6 points) lost share.

IBM reported that it gained five points of share in Power Systems in the third quarter, marking the sixth consecutive quarter of share gains. In addition, IBM System x systems gained two points of share, and IBM storage also gained share in the third quarter.

IBM increased the revenue generated from competitive Power Systems displacements of both Sun and HP customers to over $150 million in the third quarter. This amounts to more than $400 million in sales from UNIX competitive takeouts this year.

IBM has moved customers from competitive systems to IBM systems in industries such as financial services, communications, public sector, healthcare, retail, and general business. Customers that recently switched to IBM include Apollo Pharmacy, India Cements, Menzies Distribution and Sun TV Network (SDTV).


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