Samsung LAPF touchscreen monitor for laptops

The Korean Samsung unveils a screen a
little special, it is for laptops and with touch …

The Korean giant Samsung has been known to venture into more
or less all areas of consumer electronics. The company unveiled its
SyncMaster Touch LAPF LD220Z. It is a 22-inch monitor displaying 1920×1080
pixels. Its slab offers a response time of 5 milliseconds, and that’s about the
only information we have on the latter for now. As its name implies, the surface
of the screen is touch-sensitive multi-touch

Two small speakers 1.5 watts are present in the black hull of
the new SyncMaster Touch LAPF. It connects via VGA and HDMI inputs for video
stream and probably a USB touch interface. The ergonomics of LD220Z aims to make
it more convenient to use a laptop with two displays placed at the same
height.The price of the newcomer will be unveiled shortly before its
release, scheduled for the end of the year.



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