Kazaa developer rejoices over US court ruling;to file similiar motion..

Sharman Networks, Australian parent company of the file-sharing software developer Kazaa, is rejoicing at the U.S. court ruling that two similar peer-to-peer programs, Grokster and Morpheus, do not violate copyright law.

However, the company concedes that the ruling is unlikely to have any effect on a music copyright-infringement case currently going through the courts in Australia.

Sharman said that, as consequence of the decision made by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, it will file a motion for a similar ruling to be held over its U.S. copyright infringement case, with the group’s lead counsel for the trial, Rod Dorman, demonstrating a new air of confidence.

Dorman describes the decision as a victory for the technology industry and for fans, artists and owners of entertainment content.

News source: CNet News


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