Ofijo releases Halloween Mayhem 1.0 – New iPhone and iPod Touch Game

With Halloween being just behind the corner Apple’s Appstore is
crawling with hundreds of Halloween applications for iPhone and iPod
Touch devices. Those apps range from spooky sound players, virtual
pumpkin carving tools, scary prank toys to Halloween themed games. Most
of them are really fun to play and are great time killers while waiting
for our favorite holiday.

One of these games – ‘Halloween Mayhem’ just got released on iTunes by a European company – ‘ofijo’.

‘Halloween Mayhem’ is a small but very funny and addictive game in
which your goal is to crush with your finger as many skeletons as you
can before they reach the Halloween Pumpkin. The task sounds simple
enough but the sheer number of skeletons that you need to deal with and
the fact that they act quite intelligently for a pile of bones makes
your job quite difficult.

Here is some additional information about the game from the developers:

It is Halloween, year 2009. You are the very proud owner of the
award winning, biggest pumpkin in town. You keep that glorious monster
of a pumpkin in your backyard, watching over it from your porch,
waiting for the sun to hide behind the horizon. Suddenly you hear a
macabre noise coming from behind the hedge – the sound of dozens of
bones rattling against each other. Something has awaken and now it’s
after your beloved pumpkin! You cannot let anything happen to it!

Press and hold your finger over incoming skeletons to crush them. Scare
them and make them flee with a swipe of your finger. Destroy grouped
skeletons to maximize your efficiency. Your goal is to crush as many as
you can before they reach the pumpkin. Save The Pumpkin, Save The

Feature Highlights:

  • Hundreds and hundreds of animated skeletons with advanced AI trying to get to your Pumpkin
  • Hilarious sound effects and voice overs
  • Time of day visual effects to mark the progress and the difficulty
  • High Score keeping your best result
  • Global Total Kills score to keep count on how many skellies you crushed since you acquired the game

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch 2.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:

  • Halloween Mayhem 1.0 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide
    exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.


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