MSI Xperience Paradise Creative Videos

A free MSI X-Slim X340 ultra-light notebook and a free trip to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef.just what kind of amazing videos can win such great prizes?

MSI’s caused a major uproar around the world with its X-Slim creative video competition hosted on its renowned video website. After nearly a month-long stage of online evaluation and judging by a select group of professionals, the winning videos are ready to be announced! MSI exclaimed, "the online community has enthusiastically uploaded all kinds of videos, many of which were very exciting. Choosing the most creative was a difficult undertaking. Evaluations were based on creativity, level of interest generated, completeness, and view counts as the standard criteria for evaluation. After a period of intense discussion, 15 outstanding winners were finally selected!"  

The 15 winning videos come from all over the world. They use innovation and ingenuity to effectively convey the fashionable and ultra-slim concepts of the X-Slim X340. Among these videos is a member of the online community from Thailand, who used the arched lines of the X340 and united it with the delicate curves of the female form to represent the joining of the cold technology of a notebook with warm, soft and beautiful elements. In another innovative production from Russia, a steamroller, plastic surgery, and clothes iron concepts were used to convey the idea of "Slim" and to integrate it into everyday life and proclaim, "Everybody wants to be "X" Slim!"

In addition to the 15 winning videos, there are many more videos as creative as anything from Hollywood that have accumulated high view rates. In recognition of this, MSI has created a special new award category for the video entry with the highest view rate. The winner of this category will receive an X-Slim X340 notebook.

The creators of the 15 winning videos will not only receive their very own hot MSI X-Slim X340 ultra-thin notebook but MSI will also send them on a 5 day trip to the one of world’s seven natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef. MSI will announce the winners according to the rules stated on the official contest website and notify the winners how to receive their prizes and provide details about the travel portion of their prize.


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