Tracker Corp Announces E-Verify Automation Features in Latest Update to Tracker I-9 Software

Tracker Corp, provider of the immigration management software
used by 75% of top-rated immigration law firms and many Fortune 1000
companies, today released the latest version of its Tracker I-9
software, featuring new E-Verify Automation services that automatically
submit completed Form I-9s to the E-Verify service, monitor referred
E-Verify cases and retrieve responses from the DHS servers.

Tracker I-9 E-Verify Automation features include:
– Auto-Verify service (sometimes referred to as E-Verify Batch) submits
completed I-9 forms to E-Verify for Initial Verification, without
having to click a button. Once Section 1 and Section 2 are signed and
the I-9 data is ready for E-Verify, Form I-9s for any number of
employees can be queued up and sent to E-Verify automatically as
scheduled, or the next time the government servers are online. EVerify
will be performed and the case information will be stored in Tracker
I-9 for any next actions.

– E-Verify Monitoring service runs in the background to retrieve
responses to open cases from E-Verify as they are posted to the DHS
server and sends email notifications when a case requires prompt
attention. Cases that E-Verify flags for Tentative Nonconfirmation
(TNC) and referred to the SSA or DHS who will issue a resolution within
eight business days. Rather than requiring HR staff to manually check
the status of every case daily, E-Verify Monitoring ensures a timely
handling of the response necessary to remain in compliance and avoid

"Tracker I-9’s new E-Verify Automation eliminates the need for HR staff
to submit I-9s one at a time or wait for the E-Verify service to be up
and running or to repeatedly check the DHS servers for case status,"
says Tracker Corp president Fred Colman. "This makes Tracker I-9
especially helpful for busy HR managers and large organizations who
want to E-Verify all employees."

These unmatched E-Verify features are critical for federal government
contractors and their subcontractors, over 200,000 of whom will need to
comply with the E-Verify rule effective September 8. Millions of US
workers are affected, as their data must be entered into the E-Verify
system over the next year. Most software systems require the employer
to manually click to enter each employee’s data, so Tracker I-9’s new
functions will save human resource professionals many hours of
repetitive labor.

Tracker I-9 compliance software provides secure, streamlined I-9
preparation, automatic error detection, certified one-click E-Verify,
customized reporting and a flexible application programming interface
(API) for synchronizing with existing payroll or HR applications.


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